Health in Hand for Women

We at AarogyaSeva recently partnered with MyCliniCare – a Bangalore based innovative digital diagnostics solutions company, to use game-changing technology along with micro-volunteering in order to make a small headway in the process of making healthcare accessible to women. At this point in time, we may be a small pebble in the ocean but our goal is to build a bridge across.

The importance of periodic breast screening cannot the over-stated nor the rhetoric of deaths caused by breast cancer mainly due to late stage detection and lack of access to screening and awareness. This is what we intend to change.

This, however, will not be an isolated effort. We intend to provide a comprehensive end to end solution that will include awareness, periodic screening (cost offset by donations, CSR contributions and matching paid scans), consultations using micro-volunteers, follow-up of individuals needing further care, treatment facilitation and referrals, caregiver education as well as help with post-treatment care.

We look forward to a long term association with MyCliniCare and look forward to collaborations with other academic, non-profit, government, institutions and corporations in making this effort a success.

We also hope to extend these services to cervical cancer screening, vaccinations, mental health and reproductive health services in the near future.

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Women waiting in line to register


Breast screening done by MCC trained technician Ms Parvati with a hand held device. Also seen Mr. Ramesh Shah from Cleveland.


A consultation in progress with senior ObGyn volunteer Dr. Gita Gidwani from USA.


The district health officer getting an overview of the technology by Dr. Dayaprasad Kulkarni, Director of AarogyaSeva


The Medical Yatra 2017 team at a rural camp in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. India.

Here are a few numbers from the initial camps. Mr Ramesh Shah, from Cleveland along with AIPNO have been generous to help us take the first step during the Medical Yatra 2017. We extend our heartfelt thanks.

Seoni Malwa, Bhopal – 10, 0 positive

Fanda, Bhopal  – 18, 3 Positive

Berasia, Bhopal – 13, 4 positive
Akshayanagar, Bangalore – 28, 3 Positive
Mahalaxmi Layout, Bangalore – 36, 2 positive
The positive cases are being followed up at the Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer center in Bhopal and Kidwai Hospital in Bangalore.




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