Healthcare Hack – Rwanda

Aarogya Seva invites you to join Rwanda’s first healthcare hackathon that will provide a platform for NGO’s, community leaders, innovators, students and early stage entrepreneurs to:

– Solve a community problem
– Design and validate ideas
– Create a prototype and test solutions
– Meet with experts and community leaders
– Tell stories of change

SIGN UP HERE or write to us at to participate, mentor, sponsor contribute to this in any way.

Rwanda Hack


Theme and details
The hackathon is part of our international med tech innovation competition, but we’ll be exploring the specific theme “Think Global, Work Local”. We encourage you to explore ideas on various healthcare issues Rwanda is currently facing and visualize a healthy future for the country.

*A registration fee will apply.

Participants can submit entries in a variety of themes:

  • Digital and Technological Solutions to affordable healthcare
  • Addiction and Drugs
  • Eldercare
  • Low cost and large scale solutions
  • Mental health
  • School health
  • Sexuality
  • Social Media and healthcare
  • Travel and volunteerism
  • Women’s health
  • Writing in the healthcare space
  • Regional Role
  • Other

…and in a variety of formats:

  • 3D Printing
  • API
  • Animation/Illustration
  • App/web app
  • Audio
  • Data visualisation
  • Electronic/hardware
  • Experiential
  • Game
  • Geolocation
  • New technologies
  • Social Media Platform
  • Visual
  • Web
  • Other

Some participants may arrive with very good ideas, but need some help in seeing them through via the technologies available. Please don’t despair! We hope that you will be able to find project ‘partners’ who complement your expertise, and we will have some experts available throughout the day to answer questions and provide guidance.

Tentative schedule and more details coming soon.

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