Women’s Day 2016

Nearly half of the refugees fleeing war torn countries are women with 30% in the 12-50 age group. This is approximately 10000000. Majority of these women will need sanitary hygiene materials every month. Basic amenities like food, water, clothes and medicines are difficult to find, imagine the access to sanitary hygiene products.  This may not be a top priority of humanitarian agencies however this strongly impacts the dignity of each of these women and also their health.

This Women’s Day we at AarogyaSeva hope to contribute a small drop in this ocean to provide 6 months supplies of sanitary hygiene products to just 250 women at a meager cost of $20 per person. We hope to reach this target with the generous support from women and men worldwide who are committed to the cause of Women’s health. We hope we can overshoot this target and reach out to many more Women.

In India: http://bitgi.co/womenshealth

Outside India: https://igg.me/at/fx4vJrVxsvU

The kit will contain 6 pairs of cotton underwear, 6 months’ supply of eco-friendly sanitary napkins, 6 units of soap, 1 organic cotton storage bag, bio degradable bags, use, care and disposal instructions, a personalized message.

All the materials will be sourced from small women’s self help groups.


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