About Us

Who are we?

  • Aarogya Seva is an international, humanitarian volunteer organization that is dedicating to providing quality healthcare services to affected communities worldwide.

Our Vision

  •  To instill the spirit of seva in doctors and the medical fraternity
  • To provide a structured platform for medical and non-medical professionals, to volunteer their time and skills, and strengthen the healthcare system.


Our Objective

  • Build a global network of medical and non-medical volunteers
  • Provide meaningful volunteering opportunities in the health space
  • Create models within the healthcare ecosystem that will demonstrate and showcase the effects of an organized network


Why volunteer with us?


Start at the grassroots level

  • Aarogya Seva offers a range of microvolunteering opportunities which empower you to build a robust and healthy system in rural areas most in need of health services.

Volunteer at your convenience

  • The immense flexibility that our programs provide allows you to volunteer at a time and location of your choosing. If there’s a cause or country that’s close to your heart, we will help you get there.

Contribute to a sustainable service

  • Partnering with Aarogya Seva means your good work is continued by other volunteers in our network, ensure a continuous and sustainable service that helps the community thrive.

Share the workload

  • You are never alone with Aarogya Seva, and you only need to take on as much responsibility as you are comfortable with. Our team of volunteers are happy to work hand-in-hand with you and shoulder your responsibilities.