AIPNO Medical Yatra 2014


Thousands of villages across India don’t have even a basic medical clinic and many people barely have the opportunity to be treated by a doctor. In spite of this, many young doctors refuse to serve in rural areas and want nothing to do with government hospitals. Bridging this gap is what Aarogya Seva, headed by its founder-director Dr. Dayaprasad G. Kulkarni is doing on a massive scale. It is a not-for-profit, voluntary and humanitarian organization committed to providing health and healthcare services at low or no cost. The organisation provides a structured platform for a huge volunteer bank of doctors who are willing to contribute their time and service, provided they don’t have to mobilise the community and arrange the logistics. This directly benefits an equally large population that is willing to accept their services. Having worked with many international organisations and NGOs including Doctors Without Borders and in Tsunami-torn Nagapattinam, Aarogya Seva has organized a series of interventions in villages, forested or naxal-afflicted areas, slums, pockets with migrant workers and government schools among others.

The Medical yatra 2014 lasted from January 19th – February 9th. The primary sites of the camps were Dharampur, Gandevi in Gujarat and Warora in Maharashtra. AarogyaSeva and its volunteers played a vital role in the yatra organised by AIPNO and numerous other partner organisations attended by volunteers from all over the world.

A total of nearly 8000 patients were benefited by the efforts of over 35 overseas medical volunteers and nearly 400 local medical and non-medical volunteers. Approximately 25000 volunteer hours were clocked during this mega intervention.

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