North East Yatra 2014

Thousands of villages across India don’t have even a basic medical clinic and many people barely have the opportunity to be treated by a doctor. In spite of this, many young doctors refuse to serve in rural areas and want nothing to do with government hospitals. Bridging this gap is what Aarogya Seva, headed by its founder-director Dr. Dayaprasad G. Kulkarni is doing on a massive scale. It is a not-for-profit, voluntary and humanitarian organization committed to providing health and healthcare services at low or no cost. The organisation provides a structured platform for a huge volunteer bank of doctors who are willing to contribute their time and service, provided they don’t have to mobilise the community and arrange the logistics. This directly benefits an equally large population that is willing to accept their services. Having worked with many international organisations and NGOs including Doctors Without Borders and in Tsunami-torn Nagapattinam, Arogya Seva has organized a series of interventions in villages, forested or naxal-afflicted areas, slums, pockets with migrant workers and government schools among others.

With the severely impaired security situation in Manipur, Nagaland and the rest of the seven sister states very few medical professionals are volunteering their services to work in this area. This is in spite of the fact that thousands of affected people in this area are desperately in need of medical treatment. Visit of Arogya Seva team would not only benefit hundreds of needy individuals but could also be an experimental intervention leading to many more doctors volunteering to work in the state.

With over 220 tribes and as many dialects North-East India is one of the richest part of our country in terms of diversity in culture, flora and fauna. Yet it is one of the most neglected areas as well for various reasons. Team Aarogya Seva led by Dr Dayaprasad G Kulkarni completed a successful medical yatra providing access to basic healthcare. This is the first of the many yatras reaching the north east. To join us or support this cause write to us at

Here are some photos from the yatra. CLICK HERE

A total of 362 volunteering hours with 21 Medical and 17 non-medical volunteers reaching over a 1000 people. Thank you all. A detailed report will be available soon.

No. of patients: 440

No. of children dewormed: 556

No. of adolescent girls getting Iron Folic Acid: 150

Dental consultations: 146

CPR and BLS training: 60