Our Initiatives


India is home to over a 100 million senior citizens, projected by the UN to reach 326 million by 2050. Currently, more than 50% of this group does not have access to basic facilities like food, shelter and health care. The Eldercare arm of AarogyaSeva strives to reach this aging community by offering our services to multiple old age homes.


Doctors in the Community

Paying for medical services is becoming increasingly unaffordable to working class people who have recently migrated to India’s big cities. Ineligible for government programs and struggling without an identity, the situation is extremely horrifying for this group. Doctors in the Community goes out to these groups, offering everything we have.


Mental Health Initiative

There are nearly 10 million mentally-ill patients in our country without adequate treatment. The absence of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists and the lack of awareness on available treatments and their potential benefits, make the situation a tough one to combat. The Mental Health Initiative is seeking to bridge this gap with access to trained psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists.


Rural Health Initiative

A majority of doctors and healthcare programs cater to urban regions, thanks to the overwhelming demand and easy access to setup infrastructure. These facilities however, are far from the reach of those dwelling in rural areas. Our Rural Health Initiative aims to do away with this distance, and brings basic health facilities to rural areas outside the circle of care.


Disaster Management

Every time India sees a natural calamity or a manmade disaster, remedial healthcare measures are severely strained and short-staffed.  Our Disaster Management Initiative aims to strengthen the existing system by providing necessary logistical and infrastructure assistance. We are on our way to training over a thousand volunteers, who will be readily deployable in the case of an emergency.

Women Empowerment Program