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Indian Women face a myriad of health issues that remain unaddressed due to socio, cultural and economic barriers. These health issues are responsible for their low life expectancy when compared to their counterparts in the developing world. The Women’s health, education and empowerment vertical of AarogyaSeva – Mudrakrida attempts to interrupt the chain of violence, abuse and silence. 

1. Menstrual Hygiene, Sexuality and Sexual Health: 
Menstrual Hygiene Management is key to better and stronger development of women and girls – personal, educational and professional. Over Thirty crore Indian women and girls do not have access to safe menstrual hygiene products. Around 23% of the girls drop out of school every year in India when they start menstruating. Most women have difficulty talking about sexuality and sexual health for many reasons, even when they clearly are sexually active. Most people are not raised to discuss sexual matters openly, and when sexuality is taught, it is often done in negative terms. At AarogyaSeva we use interactive animation videos and dialogue to create awareness among adolescent girls, teachers, parents and health workers about these sensitive and taboo subjects. We have reached out to over 10000 beneficiaries across geographies in the last 5 years.
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2. Obstetric and Gynaecological assistance:
It is estimated by the UN that in the developing world as a whole, one third of all pregnant women receive no health care during pregnancy. According to another UN estimate women account for 70% of the world’s poor, and poverty, inequality and limited decision making power adversely impact women’s health.
Our program provides gynaecological and obstetrical care to in all phases of life through our dedicated volunteer network and partner organisations. This includes regular and periodic consultations, advice and treatment at institutions, urban slums and remote villages. Continued health and training are the key focus.
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3. Cancer screening and Treatment:

Cervical cancer:

* Around 123000 cases are reported in India every year.

*2nd most frequent cancer among Indian women, claiming almost 67500 lives

*Almost 5% of the Indian women harbor cervical cancer causing bacteria.

Breast Cancer

* Accounts for 25 to 31% of all cancers in women from Indian cities

* Caused over 70,000 deaths in 2012 alone

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4. Abuse, violence, rape and marginalisation:
Our video play, theatre and story telling project gives women and girls, specifically victims of rape and sexual abuse, a forum to express themselves and share their story with the world.
MudraKrida will film and document these women and their stories; then work with an extensive network of viewers and volunteers to share the message that emerges from these interactions. Our goal in all of this is to provide opportunities for the victims to speak out with confidence and teach them the skills necessary to gain attention for their cause.
This is a powerful and tangible pathway to the expression of hidden and suppressed emotions in victims of rape and sexual abuse. By featuring in and producing these stories, the project empowers women with leadership opportunities, encourages them to break the silence, and educates them on the power, influence and impact of community media.
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1. Jagruthi Home
2. Durga India
3. M S Ramaiah Institutions
4. Shadow Liberation
5. Mysore Medical College and Research Institute
6. Karuna trust
7. Seva House
8. Mahati Trust
9. Sunbird Trust
10. The Challenging Ones