Rural Health Initiative (RHI)

In the Rural Health Initative, health camps are organized in rural village areas similar to the Doctor at Community program. From the closest cities or towns doctors, nurses, allied health workers and non-medical volunteers travel to the rural village to offer healthcare services free of charge. Individuals in rural communities would previously have to travel long distances to reach a hospital or a doctor and once they arrive, would wait long hours in a government hospital or pay hefty fees to private practitioners. According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics (press release):

“Urban residents, who make up 28 percent of India’s population, have access to 66 percent of the country’s available hospital beds, while the remaining 72 percent who live in rural areas have access to just one-third of the beds. Similarly, the distribution of healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, is highly concentrated in urban areas and the private sector.”    

To supplement the government work and private practices that are often overburdened with patients who need urgent care, the Rural Health Initiative brings free healthcare to those in urban areas to help bridge the gap.

In order to bridge the gap, Aarogya Seva utilizes volunteerism as a method of healthcare service delivery. Aarogya Seva provides a platform for doctors to work locally and synergizes with existing government, private, and non-profit systems to bring healthcare to the communities it serves.

Let’s bridge the gap!