Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa with a population density among the highest. Bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Democratic republic of Congo Rwanda is in the Great Lakes region and know as “The Land of Thousand Hills”. The 11 million population belong to Hutu, Tutsi and Twa sub groups speaking Kinyanwanda, French and English. africa


A long history of ethnic warfare, civil war, European colonization and the most recent genocide has as always taken a toll on the poor and underserved. With only 0.84 Physicians for every 1000 population access to quality healthcare is a challenge. The indicators for infant mortality, maternal mortality, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are still significantly high.

AarogyaSeva is hoping to provide access to quality health and healthcare to the underserved and most needy at low or no cost. Deriving from our core principles of micro volunteering, flexibility, shared responsibility and starting local we intend to achieve our goals.

We are working with local non profits, government, hospitals and communities in order to make our efforts sustained and effective. AarogyaSeva’s project “Dream village” will achieve it’s goals with small but sure steps.


The following projects are currently being initiated:

1. A periodic medical mission to provide quality medical care through our network of medical volunteers worldwide.

2. A leadership program primarily focused at people living with HIV and young women in order to provide a platform for social change agents to bring about positive transformation of society.

3. A tele-medicine program.

4. A technology makerspace to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are currently looking for partners, donors, volunteers to work with us. Please email us at if you are interested in this project.

Our efforts are being spearheaded locally by Seva Fellow Manzi Norman.